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Finland High Limit Sports Betting

Betting sites generally set their limits for bettors in two different ways.  The most common is by the amount that may be won in a given day in a given sport or league and by the given betting market.  For the most common betting markets, like match winner or match handicap, and bets on the top world leagues, daily win limits tend to exceed 250,000 Euros per day.  With some sites, the daily win limits can exceed 1,000,000 Euros.  In the end, this means that for most VIP bettors in Finland, all of our top Finland betting sites can cover your action.  

The other way is to set limits is based on how much a bettor may stake or wager on a given event.  When it comes to the biggest events, true VIP sports bettors may want to wager six-figure sums on a single bet.  Given the potential payouts on these bets, not every betting site can accept action that is this high.  The exception to that is Pinnacle.  When it comes to the biggest sporting events Pinnacle has been known to accept up to million-dollar wagers.  For events like the Superbowl or World Cup Finals, they accept so many bets that another million dollars on the book is completely acceptable for their risk tolerance.  Even for normal top-league events, stake limits can be in the tens of thousands of Euros.  Beyond that, Pinnacle offers some of the best odds with margins around 2% to 3%.  All-in all, they are likely the best high-limit betting site for players in Finland.

Pinnacle Sports Betting Limits

Pinnacle Sports does not limit how much any player can win in a given day like the other listed sportsbooks here.  They limit solely based on the amount that may be wagered on a given type of bet for a given league or event.  Pinnacle does not list its full array of limits on site.  However, when you register and log in, every event in your interface will clearly display the betting limit for that particular match or event.  The information below will help you understand the limits for the most popular events.

Pinnacle has no withdrawal limits at all.  You will only be limited by the given banking or funding method that you select and several of these have no limits at all with Pinnacle.

Event/League        Handicap         1X2           Total

NBA                       £50,000       £20,000       £20,000

NHL                        £5,000        £10,000        £5,000

MLB                       £20,000       £30,000       £10,000

EPL                       £30,000       £20,000        £10,000

NFL                       £50,000       £20,000        £30,000


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