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Finland Sports Betting Issues

From Helsinki to Tampere, Espoo to Oulu, the online sports betting in scene in Finland is excellent, as it is full of choice.  Many European nations have recently moved to regulate and tax online sports betting in a way that has limited choice of provider in a significant way.  Nordic neighbours in Sweden and Denmark have seen significant limitations on the number of providers that will serve these nations.  Norway is adopting practises used by middle eastern theocracies in order to block some gambling content to its citizens.  Luckily for interested sports bettors in Finland, the Finnish government has adopted a more ‘hands off’ approach when it comes to their citizens accessing betting sites that operate outside its borders.  If Finns seek the option to play outside the Finnish gambling monopoly, Veikkaus Oy, which has very limited coverage of sports betting, they may do so without impediment.

While this is a blessing for Finnish sports betting fans, it can create a different problem - how to select the best site for your own personal preferences in Finland when there is so much choice, as there are dozens of sites with which you might register.  Luckily, we’ve done the research and reviewed all the top betting sites for the world from the perspective of a Finnish bettor.  We not only identify the best betting platforms with the best features, odds, offers and sports coverage, we also take into account the sports that Finns love most, Finnish language preferences as well as sites that offer favoured banking methods for customers in Finland.  Although we reviewed dozens of betting sites, we only include our top selection for Finland below in order to save your time.  

How the list was constructed

First, understand that most betting site reviewers will list every site that they review - even the poor ones.  This means that you may have to sift through a long list of sites, many of which are not actually good for your purposes or preferences.

Our list of the top betting sites for Finland is limited to just eight companies, as we truly reviewed online bookies from a Finnish perspective and only include the top sites for play, excluding those that essentially did not make the grade.

The order of this list is alphabetical, not based on some bogus rating system.  Oftentimes, bookie review sites will give a top position to betting sites that offer them extremely high compensation. We do not submit to this practise. We’ve narrowed our list to the top providers for Finland, but all are excellent in different ways.  Our list of eight providers is manageable enough that you can read our concise reviews to find the answers you need about each betting site, to find the right one for you.   

The list only includes sites that have satisfied the following criteria:

I’ve done the research on more than 30 of the world’s top sports betting companies from the perspectives of three dozen national markets including the Finnish perspective.  If I’m not satisfied that any of the above criteria are sufficiently met, the reviewed betting site is not included in the list.  

Listing every betting site that I’ve reviewed would only serve me, not you.  I’m not here to list every online sportsbook, tell you what is wrong with them, and then hope to trade on brand recognition because they visible and well-known in Finland.  So have a good read and settle on one or two great betting sites.

Most online sportsbooks are focused on targeting the average bettor.  As such, there are limits placed the amount that can be bet or that can be won.  Smaller companies are at a higher risk of a big loss, and thus they tend to have lower limits.  

On the spectrum of how much people wager on a given match, if you feel you are on the higher end with considerably high stakes, you should read about the sites that offer the highest limits to ensure the sportsbook you choose can take your action.

High Limit

Key to your sportsbook experience is the manner in which you’ll be able to deposit and withdraw funds from your betting account via your chosen banking methods.  

It is no coincidence that every sportsbook listed on this site offers Euro betting accounts.  Similarly, you can view the most popular banking methods that are compatible transacting in Euros so customers in Finland may avoid currency exchange costs.

How Finnish sporting preferences helped to shape this list

From a sporting perspective, by bet volume and the amount of money that is bet from Finland, football is far and away the most bet upon sport.  This is one of the key reasons for the list that you see above.  All of the above sites offer incredible football coverage.  They all serve audiences for whom football is the top sport.  This means you’ll get great odds margins and lots of available betting markets for matches in the top leagues.  You’ll also get solid coverage of the Veikkausliiga and even the Ykkonen.

After football, while Finns love a breath of sports, the next most important sport for bettors in Finland is ice hockey.  When you think of the most accomplished professional sports figures from Finland, you likely  think of top hockey players past and present that play or played in the National Hockey League via the Liiga.  Given this, it is important that top betting sites for Finland should have excellent hockey coverage, and this is the case for all of the betting sites we list.  How do we know that these sportsbooks all cover hockey well?  Our research into odds, covered leagues and available betting markets tell us that this is the case.  But there is an interesting parallel: All the betting sites above also serve Canada, where of course, hockey is king.  Not all betting sites serve Canada, but if you are going serve Canada, companies know they must cover the NHL and other leagues very well, and these do.

Should you play at betting sites that come from a Nordic region?

There are no major betting sites that originate from Finland.  However, if you would like to play at sites that originate within the Nordic region, both Unibet and BetHard both originate from Sweden.  While no sites are truly made and owned in Finland, you can play with Finnish betting sites.  To be more precise, you can play with online bookmakers that offer Finnish language websites.  This way, if you have a strong preference to play in your native language you may look to do so.

High Limit Sports Betting from Finland

Bank with your betting site from Finland

The best online sports betting sites for players in Finland


Betway serves over 2 million account holders world-wide and offer a beautiful interface in Finnish and English with an excellent mobile platform.  Like most top bookmakers, they also offer a cash out feature.  Betway are a great choice for Finland bettors.  Read the Betway Finland review.


BetHard is somewhat unique in that they aim to offer very high odds and offer a welcome bonus.  Most sites choose to try and offer one or the other.  Finland is one of a few key markets for BetHard, so you’ll find Finnish language version and friendly banking methods  Read the BetHard Finland review


Unibet, headquartered in Stockholm, provides some amazing coverage of sports betting.  Find their site in Finnish and English with superior Ice Hockey coverage, even of minor leagues.  If you would like a breadth of sports, not just football, Unibet must be considered heavily.  Read the Unibet Finland review.

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